His World in Dance Theater

By Katherine Zhong

As his skills and understanding have grown, Joaquin's genuine love for dance and music remains unchanged throughout his four years at Walltown Children's Theater. Walltown has lifted up countless children's passion for dancing and acting over its twenty years of existence. In the welcoming community at Walltown, he finds inspiration from fellow dancers, and encouragement from caring instructors. As most other young talents, Joaquin has a reliable support system to lean on. His family wholeheartedly backs he and his sister's involvement in dance theater. Joaquin's story shows that it is not just what you dance, but "the place you dance", the emotional connections and bond that makes this experience meaningful.

I found that essentially, creating a documentary photography project is like putting puzzle pieces together to make a full picture. The story is already there. The photographer's ultimate task is to make it apparent. This nature of documentary photography is precisely what makes it so fascinating. I would like thank Joaquin and Cecilia Reale-Barja for opening up to me about themselves, sharing this story so beautifully.