My Jewish Home at Duke

By Becca Rosenzweig

My Jewish heritage has always been central to my identity. I have observed Jewish traditions with my family for my entire life, so when transitioning into college life at Duke, I was eager to find a strong Jewish community. This project documents my experience with different Jewish groups at Duke, and how I found a home here through my religion.

The Chabad at Duke welcomed my friends and me with open arms. Through festive meals, services during the high holidays, and baking sessions with the family, we all found a place where we feel a strong sense of belonging. While Chabad has been the most meaningful aspect of Duke's Jewish community to me, I also explored the club Challah for Hunger to expand my horizons. While Jewish tradition prohibits the use of cameras on Shabbat, when most religious services occur, the other events featured demonstrate the vibrance of this community beyond prayer-based congregation.