Indigo Blue: The Stage is Set

By Jacob Margolis

After months of rehearsals in the black box theater, the Walltown Children's Theater is ready to put on a spectacular show. Combining acting, singing, and other artistic disciplines, the directors, cast, and crew have put together a winter production like no other.

During my time at Walltown, I was immersed in a community of hard workers, brilliant artists, and inspiring leaders. Each time I went to watch these students perform was as engaging and impactful for me as if I was a member of the cast itself. Even though I found myself in the same room every time I went to shoot, my experiences were always unique, leaving me excited to return each and every week. I would like to thank Walltown, and the directors and cast of Indigo Blue, for letting me be a part of their world over the past few months. Wishing you a wonderful performance!