Tabi's Story: The Discipline of Dance

By Sonia Green

Tabi Morant trains extensively at Walltown Children's Theatre as a member of their dance company in addition to teaching ballet and hip hop classes. How does she manage to balance these responsibilities while continuing to excel in school and enjoy other hobbies? The answer is simple: the discipline she has learned from dance extends beyond classes, rehearsals, and practices. Since the age of 5 Tabi has poured her heart and soul into dance and in return, she has learned valuable life lessons. This is her story...

I want to thank Tabi for being patient with me as I constantly followed her around with my camera in hand, occasionally distracting students from her lessons. My favorite part of this project was learning about her experiences at Walltown and Hillside High School (my alma mater!). I also want to thank the Walltown community for welcoming me into your home with open arms each week as I came to shoot photos. Tabi, I am excited to see the dancer you become and it was a joy to work with you this semester.